My Scheuermann's Disease

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My Scheuermann's Disease

Postby tim f » Tue Nov 23, 2004 2:46 pm

Hello, I thought I would start off this forum since I have been recently diagnosed with Scheuermann's Disease and Schmorl's Nodes. I am 29 and after injuring my back at work I had an MRI which suggested I have Scheuermanns.

I have always thought I had bad posture and even brought it up to my family physician when I was in my teens. He stated it was normal and that there wasn't anything wrong. Years later I noticed I wasn't very flexible in my upper torso but believed it was just my poor posture. As I said I was injured at work 9 months ago and have since been experiencing alot of discomfort and back ache. I have been seeing a chiropractor which seems to temporarily relieve my symptoms. I have also tried acupuncture with no success. I am also going to psysiotherapy hoping this will help.

I had never had back problems like this before my accident. I now have constant pressure in my back which is relieved temporarily when I crack it myself or when going to the chiropractor.

I am hoping I am going to get back to where I was physically before the accident. The doctors don't really seem to know a whole lot about this condition.
tim f
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Postby sub_zero_71 » Tue Dec 07, 2004 1:26 am

Hi Tim,

Do you get refered lower back pain? I do.

I think it may have something to do with a condition called Thoracolumber Joint Syndrome.

Here is some information: ... acolumbar/ ... ar_jym.htm

If you are interested I will tell you more in regard to my problems with Scheuermanns disease etc


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Postby tim f » Tue Dec 07, 2004 11:12 am


I sent you a pm. I dont have any referred lower back pain but I am interested to know more about your experiences with scheuermanns. Thanks
tim f
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Postby Nancynursez637 » Sat Jan 22, 2005 8:19 am

Hi Tim, I have scheuermanns, 80 degrees plus schmorl's nodes. This condition can be asymptomatic or it can be problematic. You might do well with some physical therapy by a therapist skilled in spinal curves, and even some bracing of your back during the acute discomfort. You might also want to talk with your doc about taking calcium and vit d supplements as bone is undergoing remodeling all the time and you need to be sure you have enough calcium on board and are not pulling it out of bone to maintain blood levels.

Scheuermanns in many people remains without pain or other symptoms. Yours apparently was fine until you experienced an injury, so the question becomes can you get back to that level of activity and life pain free?

This is where i would encourage you to get some physical therapy and move forward carefully. Avoid heavy lifting and other activities that increase pain. Find other ways to strengthen such as swimming or walking if those are tolerated. good luck to you

referred low back pain

Postby nancynursez » Sun Jan 23, 2005 6:58 am

in scheuermann's disease/kyphosis there is a corresponding curve in teh low back called lordosis, and often in the cervical spine as well causing your chin to jut forward a bit. the low back curve can be quite dramatic and pain can result from it.


Postby TN » Wed Feb 02, 2005 7:51 pm

just been diagnosed with scheuermann's disease, kyphosis, and scoliosis of dorsal spine... i have been in pain since i was about 12, but it has got progressively worse in the past 4 years. i know that there is nothing that they can do for the pain but i have always tried to keep to keep flexible and have been told that this is the best thing i can do....although deep massage and back work to tend to relieve the pain....also suffer from severe night back spasms and cramping in my hands if write for too long.
there has been some research to suggest that it can be connected to severe chicken pox or shingles in earlier years as the virus lays dormant along the spine.
mine was not brought on by an injury however it was picked up after repeated sessions with a physio yeilded no results on knee problems and they felt it was due to my back. I have normal levels of calcium and yet it is still a problem.
Although i know that it cannot be treated i do feel somewhat better having been diagnose and having somthing tangiable to research.

scheuermanns diease

Postby riccardo » Thu Feb 17, 2005 3:15 pm

I have been diagnosed with crush fractures of my thoracolumbar spine after a work injury (carring bunches of bananas up to 100kgs) I have then been assesed by some workcover doctors which told me it is scheuermanns diease. I personally think i am beening lied to by the workcover doctors as i have xrays from my early 20's which have not reported any problems with my lower back, I have never had pain in my lower back until I injuried myself. I do Know scheuermanns diease is a condition that occurs in your teenage growing years but I would like to find out how to define the difference between the two. I am now 30 years old approx. 1 year after the injury.

Scheuermanns disease/scoliosis

Postby l.kelly » Fri Feb 25, 2005 7:48 am

my 16 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with sheurmanns disease & slight scoliosis.These were only diagnosed after much complaining about back pain to the gp,he finally sent her for x-rays.I have been told sheuermanns is a condition that is hereditory & you are born with it,however symptons generally appear in teenage years especially in those playing alot of sport.
I have had her to a physio who gave her exercises to do twice a day to strengthen the muscles that support the spine(because the discs have a dent in the top of them instead of being flat like normal discs the muscles suporting the spine work overtime to compensate the defect in the disc.)This is what causes the constant pain.It was advised that she stay as active in her sports & dancing as much as she could but to know when to pull back if the pain was getting to bad.It is very important for her to stretch & worm up properly before sport & dance with the exercises given by the physio.Years ago you would be told to stop all sports but now it is beleived to do this is worse for you.A good comfortable supporting matress is also important,one that conforms to your back and is comfortable to the individual.To help releive the pain I also rub her back every night with dencorub or deep heat.hope this info helps someone.


Postby jamie » Fri Mar 04, 2005 12:07 am

I have been doing research into shermans and came across the forum.
I am a very keen golfer and play all of my available time. I hope someday to play professionally. My friend is a pro who is very much into fitness, stretching ect.. He told me to see his physio who speacialises in golf who could help me with stretches for golf. So I did.
I told my physio if there was anything i could do to improve my posture as I was embarrased by my hunch back. She told me it was shermans caused by something traumatic in my childhood, a fall or something. She said nothing can be done about the kyphosis of the back but it was how to maintain it for later life and to make sure it doesn't get worse.
I'm not sure if the shermans effects my golf badly, hopefully someone clued up may let me know. I am very tight in my back with very bad neck, shoulder and hip rotation. I also suffer from a serious loss of distance even though i am medium built say. I have some simple stretches to improve my rotation and in turn, my golf - hopefully.
Is being so tight a symptom of shermans or is this just my body?

In terms of pain, I only get it by hitting a lot of golf balls in practise and the odd day at work where i'm on my feet all day. This pain is a sharp burning sensation under my right shoulder blade and is very awkward for me to stretch out - although sometimes i would put a golf club behind my back and rub it up and down the back which would help slightly. I also find pain sometimes in a bent over position like washing up the dishes.
Is this pain also a symptom of shermans?

If anyone knows of any more stretches or could answer my questions i would be grateful.

Scheurermans disease

Postby Sam123 » Mon Mar 14, 2005 7:23 am

I have suffered from back pain for as long as I can remember and about a year ago I was diagnosed with Sheurermans disease. For me it is really painful and is getting worse. I have been told to keep excersising and am having physiotherapy although this is private as i have been wating on the NHS since I was diagnosed. I am finding no one is taking my pain seriously and the doctors dont seem to understand how much pain there is. Does anyone have any tips or know anything I can do about how it is best to manage the pain as painkillers dont work and physiotherapy is not working either. I would be very grateful for any advice.



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