What is the best exercise for bulging disc ?

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What is the best exercise for bulging disc ?

Postby top-dad » Tue Jan 23, 2007 7:24 am

Hi all,

Just would like some advice on what is the best exercise for my back condition i am 40 years of age. Firstly my problem is if you can understand it is, in 1993 I had a CT scan I will go straight to the problem. At the LV4/5 level a moderate degree of central disc bulging is noted. The protrusion is causing a slight degree of anterior indentation on the dural sac and it’s at this level. A moderate degree of arthropathy is seen involving the facet joint at this level.

At the LV5/S1 level quite a prominent central disc protrusion is noted. It is causing some indentation on the dural sac and its contents here. No spinal stenosis is seen. No other lesion is demonstrated.

The rest where all normal, then I had another CT scan in 1998 whilst my back was not sore as I had to wait a few weeks before I had the scan, and it went as follows.

There is a small central disc protrusion at the level L4/5 and L5/S1 levels, both causing a mild depression upon the anterior aspect of the thecal sac. The exiting L3 L4 and L5 nerve roots have not been compromised. The facet joints are all normal in appearance without evidence of significant arthrosis.
Comment : Small central disc protrusions are noted at L4/5 and L5/S1 levels. There has been no significant interval change since the last CT examination.

Now my back problem I guess is not too bad as only get a really sore back maybe once every 2 years, here and there you get your little sore back as most people do due to hard work etc etc. I call a bad back when you can’t sit properly when you sneeze it is painful and basically every slight movement is very painful. I had this happen to me a few weeks ago, after what seemed like a few years my back was perfect. And every time it goes on me it is something simple like sitting there and getting up and bang it is gone. Example I was on my computer a few weeks ago playing games about 30 min into I just leant over to one side ever so slightly and bang it was like a knife went into me. I had to get off and I was in bad pain for 3 days after that it gradually goes away within a week or so.

Now I was not to happy as I said perfect for a few years and something so simple as sitting makes my back go, you would think lifting or hard work would make it go but its always something simple like sitting or twisting. Anyway I was surfing the net about what exercises are good for and what is not, I have been doing abdominal exercises for a number of years, maybe thats why I hardly get a bad back anymore, and I have nice six pack going to :D . Anyway I read some where that doing leg raises was bad for you, ( eg laying on your back, flat on the floor and rasing both legs up and down without touching the floor) well I have being do leg raises for a number of years and I even attach weights to my feet to make it harder to lift my legs, as you need to strengthen your abdominal muscles. When I do these exercises I feel no pain and can do it quite easily, but after reading that on the net I am a bit scared to continue doing them. What I would like to know is it ok to do them, or any better exercises out there, I was told once if it doesn’t cause you pain it is fine to do it. The other exercise I do for my tummy is I lay flat on my back and touch my right elbow to my left knee then my left elbow to my right knee in a rowing action.

So could you please give me some advice is it ok to continue these exercises, or any better exercises out there that would help me, thanks.
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Re: What is the best exercise for bulging disc ?

Postby Hoddz » Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:22 am

Got the central and right disc herniation at L4/5 and encroaching on the anterior thecal sac and R L5 nerve. In years gone past (average, twice yearly)the surrounding muscles would violently seize to protect the aggravated disc resulting in immobility for days then bed ridden for weeks till the aid of crutches would allow me to get back on my feet. After trying many options to "manage" the problem, have got onto a course of Clinical Pilates by a physiotherapist at a well established clinic here in Melbourne. For me its been fantastic. Eased into it and the difference has been great. My core strength has kicked in and "manages" the disk if it gets aggravated. eg, mixed by hand many loads of cement and completed brick work around the house recently. Normally after some days the back would have seized up, in bed, much time of work etc etc. Yes, it got sore and got onto some voltarin to tackle the agro disk but it didn't seize and I was still very flexible and able to walk around normally (a little stiff) and function around the house (have 4 small kids!!) In my case the Clinical Pilates (physiotherapy pilates) is working for me. I think the key is to ease into it and find a good clinic. fell free to email me if you want to know more. Cheers, John
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Re: What is the best exercise for bulging disc ?

Postby Calvin » Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:23 am

While it is recommended that patients with bulging discs avoid high impact exercises, one set of exercises patients can do to help the disc heal requires a therapy ball. While sitting on the therapy ball, gently bounce on the ball for no more than five minutes a day. This is not a huge bounce, but a slight bounce, just to help physically assist the blood to flow to the area. By physically assisting the blood flow, you can help the disc heal quicker.
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